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Answering your questions about the labour market and career planning is not just about knowing where to look, it’s also about having the best tools available to get the right information and make sound decisions. In this section, you will find a variety of tools and resources to help you in this process – including tools related to labour market information and research, career planning, skills development, employment and workplace considerations, as well as services for assistance.

LMI Toolkit

Search and planning tools for career and employment services, occupations, training and research and data analysis.

Outlook 2020

Visit Outlook 2020 for an in-depth look at the province’s job market, how it is changing, and key trends and opportunities for the workforce and economy.

Click here to visit Newfoundland and Labrador's comprehensive job search and posting website.

Finding and Maintaining a Job

Information and resources to help with job searching and preparing for and maintaining employment.

Developing Your Skills

Find information about skills upgrading, literacy, post-secondary education, workplace training and more.

Careers and Occupations

Find information to help make informed career decisions.

Information for Employers and Entrepreneurs

Find information about recruitment and retention, payroll and benefits, work life balance and more.

Labour Market Trends, Statistics and Research

Find information and statistics about provincial and regional labour market trends, labour force updates and research.

Just For Youth

Find out about the latest employment and career information, resources and initiatives for youth in the province.

Upcoming Events

Check out what's happening soon! Do you have an upcoming labour market and career-related event that you would like to post on our website?

Staying Current

Read the latest articles in the news about labour market and career trends in NL and across the country.

Finding Services and Assistance

Information to help you understand and use labour market and career information.